About us

Law is something which is omnipresent, every aspect of our daily life requires legal requirements to be fulfilled even all our actions are deemed to be right and wrong as per the rules and regulations set by the society. In the present time this has been made essential for different entities to follow some rules and regulations and this system has evolved into a highly demanding legal and regulatory compliances. For these challenges, lawyers come into picture, they play a critical role in promoting social peace by applying the law in line to the basic requirements of justice, that is, balanced results obtained by reasonable procedures. Likewise, CM Law Chamber’s team has excelled in their practice through their deep understanding of law and has established their position with monumental efforts by exhibiting their passion towards work and unshakeable integrity and devotion to the cause. Read More >>

Areas of Practice


With the aim to make the society civilized and reduce the number of deviant acts, criminal equity framework was developed. India has a deep-rooted system.


India has kept pace with the prolific changes that world is witnessing due to modernisation, new practices in the field of commerce.


With the evolution of society, the need to give legal validation to interpersonal relationships and to provide for some legally enforceable rights and duties arose.


The work involved in Civil Litigation is complex and multi-faceted. Client is represented across various proceedings which includes hearings, depositions.